Welcome, I am your soul guide

Remember yourself, learn to love yourself more and open up to become the wonderful soul power that lays inside of you. Your healing heals this world. When you live a happy life and are aligned with making your dreams come true, that is the best contribution you can make for humankind here on earth.

I teach the anatomy of energies and make you understand how you can access your resources, heal your pain and blockages and dive into the loving awareness that is here for you in every moment. In my personal sessions I read and treat your energy. You will learn to meditate and listen into yourself, unwind and find peace.

How does this relate to the soul of the city? There is a really deep connection between the process of your awakening and the destiny of the earth. As children of the earth we grow to take responsibility for the influence that our inner peace and well being process has on the course of our environment and on us as one humanity. Here at soulofthecity you can learn about the impact that you have. Through connecting to your own soul power you connect to the soul of our cities, of our planet.

How can I heal places, so that they can unfold their potential at disposition of the people that live and visit there?

Why am I actually drawn to a particular place and what does it hold for me? Can I discover a new aspect of my life here? Are there healing powers here for me? Can I remember something here that helps me understand myself?

By healing your home town, you heal, the communication gets easier, living joy, peace and abundance is supported by intact landscapes and cities at any moment. We start to breathe together again and connect to deep trust on our path. When you heal, your place heals too. Your soul is connected to the earths destiny.

The journey to the soul of the earth starts with your own journey towards yourself. I am here for you. I am close to you, because I can sense your sorrows and limitations and I can also sense the light behind it. I can feel your healing journey. The path to your happy, well and open- hearted self. You are so close to your true self. Believe me. Don’t trust your feeling that tells you that you are far. You are never lost. You can start to cultivate your focus on your happy wholehearted self now. It is a journey. This journey will bring meaning and fulfillment into your life.


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DevaMata Johannes

I highly recommend

Your yoga studio in Paris: grounding, nurturing and full of love: www.yoga-vision.org 

Andreas Lohmann: earth healer, master of our time. His site is full of ever so useful meditations and instructions mainly in German: www.auradiagnose.com 

Acupuncture in Barcelona: full of love and light right in the center of town: www.acupuncturebarcelona.com

The therapist and healer that I turn to get help whatever circumstance is Salica Geiger, the enlightened salt light healer who is based in Crete, Greece:  www.salicageiger.com

In Barcelona, Germany and worldwide you can schedule a session with Katharina Seidler, she connects psychology with her deep understanding of healing:         www.resource-yourself.com