Welcome, I am your soul guide


A new earth

At this moment we are observing that polarities are on the rise again, sometimes we feel powerless while facing the challenges that are here to resolve to create a peaceful human community.

We are all longing for it: the human communal flow of peace and understanding.

DO we need a revolution?

I say YES!

Yet the point is: how to lead a revolution, to really to touch, to really change to really have an effect and not end up in the same ever recurring patterns.

We need to understand where the power lies, the real power. 

Infinite power comes from the source, it scares us, we tend to avoid it, because it may involve a deep change within, it may mean, that we have to let go of our control system. Yet, when we find the inner devotion through our heart, we get there. 

Here, where we melt with one, we no longer feel the never ending destructive motivation, but the real power, that is where the revolution starts from. I don’t know what it will do, because here I have no questions, but what i do know is, that we need that power within, we need all our power.

The power that we are facing on earth in our current leaders is very much a limited power, because it is purely ego driven and won’t last. And yes, it is still so powerful.

When we judge no longer, because we are filled with eternal silence, and we fear no longer, because we are connected to justice within, that understands that where we stand is the perfect place to move from, than we will build a power as a collective human field, that creates change into aliveness.

I am sure of that!

How? The answer lies within each of us, because each precious human being here on earth adds another taste, another important ingredient, another aspect of the golden truth that is the fundament for community. I see it like a giant mandala.

The mandala starts from within me, I have to be honest with myself and detect my inner struggle, injustice, lack, hate and heal it, so i come to be a complete system.

Lets find that silence, not because we have been shut down, but because we realize that arguing, talking and shouting have not brought on the real new, the real gold. The treasures are deeper, they need devotion. They need listening, tending and listening. 

Like an empty vessel that starts to receive new signals.

We came very prepared for this moment, we just forget in all the jumble.

Connect to yourself, dive into that silence and start to listen to your rhythm, to your deep treasure. It is here. 

Where you are running from, is where the door to that depth lays behind.

I want to forever encourage you and I am here to guide you into your power. The time is now.

Contact me for your personal journey or invite me for a seminar with your people that is all about lifting the power of soul into life.

New cities will rise, new communities and communication will rise and where we move from is base that will serve us.




DevaMata Johannes
Hof, Bavaria, Germany

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