At peace with food

Peace is a quality that is quite underestimated in this time, we recognize it more in connection to world peace. Yet peace within me is more important than you think. Being in peace with myself is a very profound experience that shifts a lot of our life context.

Struggling with diet, with acceptance of my own body and condition, struggling with relationships and so on… is a lack of peace within. If we would find no more conflict within, our eating habits would regulate naturally. We shouldn’t eat this and that and all the rules that confuse us even more. Does dieting even work on a long term basis? Coming to peace within will mean that we accept and tune into our natural weight and the way our soul takes place inside our body.

To my understanding we put too much hope onto diets, rather than focusing inward into our struggle. Becoming aware of what is healthy for us to eat is very important. But we hope the following the diet will help us instead of empowering ourselves. We go into diet war: punishing ourselves for eating the wrong things etc… This won`t work, because we need to integrate what lingers around the “right diet search”  and start from a sensation of empowerment and wholeness. I believe that we naturally feel and know what is good for us and come in tune automatically, without having to follow instructions that we get from outside. If we chose to follow these instruction from an empowered point of view, there is a different game…

How do you step out of that game?

Here is a meditation for you that you can use in the confused moments with food and diet. It is short and it helps you to center, and find peace.

You will have to start to embrace yourself on this subject and admit the possibly complex inner struggle that you have with your body in relation to food.

How much of emotional matter is part of this?
How much of conscious and unconscious compensation takes place on your eating habit stage?
May be there is far too much focus, may be you can`t stop thinking about it und obsess with it? 

May be you are not able to let go of things that weigh you down literally… ideas, relations, ambitions that don’t belong into your life now. May be you are so scared to see your beautiful powerful self that you do all this to distort the image of yourself….

I am here to hold a loving peaceful space where we can scan this complex fabric of yours and design your path out of it.

We will work on your believe systems, on the love and acceptance to yourself and most importantly have mother earth as the main healer present. You will journey into deep levels of material peace. You will receive 3 profound healing initiation that enable you, to cultivate this sensation and resource this healthy way inside yourself.

The process includes:

one first meeting of about an hour to become aware of where you are in this process and first contact to your belief systems around the subject, 3 sessions of 120min each they include deep healing and initiation into energies that support your healing process, that you will have access to.

The first one is: accepting my body, being fully in my body.
Second one: Me and my self worth.
Third one: deep wounds of separation find healing.      
Another 1 session of 90min to focus on your new path. You will receive guided meditations to help you through this process and to keep your energy focused.

Price for the whole package: 720 €, payable in two installments also

(Eating disorders means that we have profound issues going on, that communicate with us via these disorders. This needs a deeper process and a disposition to really want to look at and heal those issues.)

You are welcome tocontact me for further information. I am also happy to skype with you beforhand, this way you can feel if this is the right course for you. I look forward to talking with you.