An experience with the light of the North Pole

I dedicate it to one of my really favorite light qualities here on earth: the North Pole light. Many of us feel an attraction towards the North, we are enchanted by the northern lights, by northern culture, Siberian knowledge etc. This may be because it is that light quality that calls us, the untouched ice layers on the north pole are a perfect landing space for it and from there it finds its way to us.

Where I live now on the dutch coast of the northern sea we receive this quality here, because the sea opens without obstruction directly to the North Pole. To live with it every day is a real blessing, because it uplifts every moment. To write about it, is almost impossible, because no words can really describe the encounter with this frequency. It has made me almost speechless for a few months, I felt that i just wanted to surrender more and more to it. It teaches me to BE from a pure heart. I want to inspire you….  I have recorded a guided meditation for you, so you can dive in. Explore for yourself and enlighten your now. Wherever you are. Enjoy…

Meditation experience with the Northern Pole light. It is calming, relaxing and purifying. Mmmh just nice…

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