I can see the aura and perceive the wisdom of your soul. That is why i feel close to you.

My greatest pleasure is to touch your heart. To remind you on your love and guide you to follow it.

My healing takes place on a very subtle level, and that is why it is very effective. The subtle level is like the hard drive of our experience. If we bring healing and balance there, we initiate deep positive transformation.

We are interconnected to the destiny of the earth. Through my understanding of the energies I can help you find and anchor in your place here. My life mission is to connect you with this wisdom. It helps you to reveal and heal yourself.

I was born in Leipzig in Eastern Germany and from there my journey around the world started. I took my first meditation course as a 18 year old in India, I studied to become a fine artist in London, had a radio show in Barcelona. I studied languages, worked as a translator and language teacher for several years. There were a number of job experiences in the past. All that seems a long time ago. The red threat through my life is my love for the exploration of the earth.I love traveling. I am a world nomad.

I studied body healing techniques like Thai Massage, Polarity Therapy, Craneo- Sacral Therapy.

But really the healing power that comes from my loving heart is my guidance and my spontaneous wisdom.

So much peeling off layers and revealing in all those years. So much essence of joy rediscovered. So much devotion and surrender into the trust of this path. Thanks to my teachers. And thanks to the hundreds of people that have given me the permission to heal them. I learned to not know, to trust, and I know that life is about the courage to be my authentic self. Every day a new. Wow! And it is so worth it.

I attend you in English, German and Spanish.

Currently I live in Hof, Bavaria, Germany, Europe, Planet beautiful Earth,

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