Enjoy these audios I recorded for you. I hope that they will serve you.

Fear into love release

This one is for this for deep self love release in divine mother energy to help to soften your system, so that downloading new energies is smooth and possible

Deep release meditation, deeply helpful for you…

Discover your heart love, cultivate self love: Loving and accepting yourself is the very base of your development. If not from love, from the seat of your essence, where else in the world would you start your path from?

When you feel stressed, burdened, simply want to press the reset button: This is dedicated to purify deep lying blockages that you may not even be aware of, still most of the time they are like the roots of emotions and thoughts that occur contra productive in your mindset. It is a deep work that reaches into the story of your soul. Surrender to the mediation and liberate yourself from some dark sides that lay within.

This is to focus your energy and find inner guidance. Have you ever asked yourself: what guides me? My emotions? My gut feeling? The advice of others? It is really important to be in a good guidance with yourself. The leader is your heart. This is where your essence lies, so this is where all your answers are. If you have a good lead within, you are a good leader to others. Start finding leadership within your own project/ life now and start to navigate more clearly to where you want the journey to go from here. One really essential piece on guidance is, when there is silence that is perfect. When there is no answer rising today than that is perfect. Be patient. Please! Give yourself space. The universe needs time to download your plan. Never rush or demand from inner guidance. Tune in and listen.

Listen to this brief introduction to your chakras. The mystery of truly manifesting your essence, your project etc. is via the power of your chakras. Because your essence is composed of so many aspects, and these aspects nurture and create your project. The puzzle pieces to your wholeness lay inside your chakras. Here you will listen to an introduction to this level. Try to feel it rather than „understanding“ too much. If it is your first time that you hear something about chakras. Take it easy. It will take time to tune into this level. It is important that you slowly become aware of your chakra system. Allow this contact to arise in the time that it takes, rather than forcing yourself. Throughout the following meditations we will work with your chakras so you will have enough opportunity to experience them. This audio aims to give you an overview.

To cultivate trust and confidence are fundamental pillars for creating an abundant and joyful flow of life. The moment they are absente, we fall back into controlling and thinking small. Don’t we all know our reality between the moments where we trust and are sure that all is good and on its way and the time we slip back into doubt. So many times we have received confirmation that is so worth trusting and so many times we doubt. Learn here how to get on the path to end this cycle by creating trust from within.

After listening to the meditation: Take time. Best is to lay on the ground, feel the pulse of the earth and sink deeper and deeper into this tune. It is a creative process that has started here, that will keep nurturing you. Allow it too. Become aware of deeper resistance and repeat the meditation at some later stage when you are ready. The navel chakra is such an important motor in this whole process. And we are not aware of it. Once you are. Make sure you keep it nicely extended through your day. It will hold a strong field of creating and receiving the power of life flow. Act from within that movement and create situations for yourself that are born out of trust.

Dissolving fear. Fear roots mainly in these two chakras: navel and solar plexus. We have arrived now in the capital of your inner resistances: your fears. Some fear is very obvious and accompanies us a lot, others are far deeper down and still they govern our movement. We all are scared of our power and the vast freedom that lays within us. Step by step we unleash the potential that lays within us, by overcoming our fears, by daring, by taking the next step. The following meditation is a very helpful tool for you to dissolve your fears into potential. Use it!

To cultivate inner peace and self worth. Inner peace and self worth are very connected. Struggling in the relationship with myself often results in: „ I don’t to deserve too…., I am not ready too….., I am not good enough too….“ Cultivating the „I am worth it….“ is fundamental to receiving abundance in your life. Obvious! These issues are connected to the solar plexus chakra quality. This meditation also helps to work on eating disorders as they are so often connected to self worth and nurturing myself in a balanced way.

Awareness rises now on your state of self worth, observe with patience and gratitude towards yourself and pay mindful attention to your process here. You are touching very fundamental creative powers inside. They have a lot of resonance in the collective field of human kind too. We all struggle to accept this power within ourselves. Allow turbulent emotions to sink into the ground. Become aware of them an let them go. And feed your field with the solar plexus and heart energy. Within this rising energy of self worth and inner peace, observe your thoughts and emotions as well. You can now detect easier when „you think to small and don’t deserve“ etc. Replace these thoughts for: I am a source of abundance. I am overflow. I am happy. I am light… Shift your focus

Healing meditation

Meditation to bring golden light flow into your hormone gland system this is very helpful for general well being as our hormones determine so much more than we think how we feel and our vital functions. Sleeping and eating habits can regulate. The woman cycle, fertility, food absorption, stress reduction…. so much is regulated by our hormones. If you are wanting to improve any of those, i recommend to do this practice for at least 3 weeks every day and observe how your hormones react. Do a little study on their functions and you will enter into an important bodily system. Try it.



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