Guide to your soul essence

Do you want to learn how to create your own life?
Find the strength to step out from where you are stuck at the moment?
Do you want to find an introduction into meditations that make you feel calmer, manage your stress and make you feel fulfilled?
What can heal me from within?
Who am I?

Instead of having these thoughts of wanting to change something in you, going around your head, it is best to start practice. Start today. Do it now. Don’t wait for anything. You decide when it is time for your own empowerment. You deserve to have it all. If you allow yourself to.

This program  is for you if you are interested in learning and understanding about the anatomy of your energetic system. You will be introduced how to sense and cultivate your essence inside your body. You will learn about the power of your chakras and how to apply them as resources to build the life you want. The chakras are your most important energy centers, they play the central role in your energy management.

You can transform blockages, become aware of the reasons to reoccurring symptoms of any kind. You learn to transform fear into potential, turn sensation of being burdened into joy and many more essential key moves.

I will support you in the personal sessions that we will schedule. I will look into your aura and detect the sources of your blockages. So you can let go of old layers, understand about your life circumstance and open up to something new. We will create a safe place for you. Ask me about your sadness or whatever burdens your soul now… I listen and see.

I will look into your soul quality, answer your questions. Help you find deep healing and dissolve resistance towards love and your own power.

Change your situation now if you are stuck with pain, sadness, depressed, wanting to change and don’t know how, lost something/ someone important, are not happy in your relationship etc.

Become the creator of your happiness and an abundant and healthy life!

Step by step you will learn to listen to your body and the essence energy that you are. You will learn to feel yourself on deeper levels.

*Find healing and relief from your burden.

*Find clarity in your every day life and your life path

*Understand yourself and your life circumstances better

*Counterbalance  stress with spaces of inner calmness

You will be introduced to guided meditations that you can follow very easy.

At first it is important to start to give yourself the space that you need now. Start with: I am worth it. It helps you tune into your needs now.  Look around in your life. Where are opportunities for you that could help you and make you feel good? Use these doors. Enter right there.

Here is what you will receive:

In this program you will learn to sense and feel yourself.

The content of the audio and video lessons is:

  • Introduction to the senses
  • Emotions and how to create emotions that serve my life best
  • Chakras, our energy centers: introduction, practice and cultivation of their power within us
  • Cultivating confidence and trust
  • Healing deeply from within

You will receive the content of this program including 16 audio meditations, 4 videos plus a guiding text.

We will schedule 4 personal sessions with me á 90 min.

You will receive a reading to your soul essence. This reading may contain information about your healing path, your souls mission your and other important aspects about your origin. This text is an energetic treasure, that can open new dimension for you and can accompany your for some time as an inspiration.

Buy now for 870€!

I love Devamata’s guided meditations. I use them to calm me down and help me get ahead in my growth. Each time I intuitively pick the one that’s right for me at that moment, and it’s amazing how they shift my energy and help me to feel grounded and connected. I have tried similar processes by myself, but it’s so much easier to do with her guidance and connecting to the energy she conjures up in her audio files. Her voice is beautiful and calm, and the message is clear, and I feel how it really affects my subconscious structures and helps me to let go of whatever burdens my energy system at that moment. It’s a great way to activate my abundant self in all its expressions, and to enable myself to put out that same positivity into the world that I want to receive. Thank you Devamata for this beautiful tool!
Katharina Seidler