Manifest your abundant self
+ personal soul message

A guided meditation guide.
9 meditations with soul message and a healing impulse from me for 108€.

I read a special soul message for you that will bring you in direct contact with a deep laying quality of yours. You will receive a healing impulse that will initiate and support a cycle of manifesting yourself on a deeper level

You will learn about the power and presence of your chakras and how they function as creative power centers within your system. By following my guided meditations, you will experience this creative energy inside your chakras.

In your own time you will feel them more. They are direct resources for the aspects of energy that you need to create your own flow. This work will transform your energetic field and set positive impulses into your emotional and mental system. The chakras lay on a more profound level than your emotions and from here you can break open old habits and patterns.

You will receive a good amount of instructions to go through that experience of understanding these deep underlying resources within you.

Move from imagining and and visualizing into creating from a deeper level.
We want to manifest our dreams and true wishes so we need to learn to manifest them through our own creative energy. I will guide you through understanding how you do that.

Buy now for 108€!

There are 9 guided meditations especially for you. You can use this program in your own rhythm, apply it in your daily life as it fits you. Each meditation is applicable over an unlimited period of time. They are like gates that guide you always to your next step. You will learn to recognize your flow within.

A great focus in this program is also becoming aware of and dissolving our hindering patterns, the unconscious programs that block us from reaching what we dream of. We all have limitations of self worth or lack of trust somewhere, which affect our mindset and emotional level in contra productive ways.

Through these guided meditations you reach right into that unconscious level to access the resources from where you create abundance within. This again will heal and unblock the emotions. You will tune into a different flow and confidence from within yourself. Create from there, dare to walk from there and you will feel your own project and your unique presence rising from deep within.

For this program it does not matter where you stand right now. It will lift you from where you are.

Write to me with a picture of yourself so I can look you into the eyes and read from your soul. This message will contain information that remind you on something or stimulate something so you can lift up, or take the next step. You can use the message to run through the program. You will receive it from me by email, when you have booked the course.

The topics are:

  • self love,
  • introduction to the chakra system,
  • deep cleanse,
  • inner peace & self worth,
  • trust & confidence,
  • dissolving fear,
  • finding inner guidance,
  • creating abundance.

Buy now for 108€!


Once your transferral is confirmed, you get access to the program.