I am working worldwide, so you best contact me per email. Working per Skype reaches you right in the middle of your life. Lets work it out together! I attend you in English, German and Spanish

Personal Healing sessions   I  For your home
City healing

All Skype/ Facetime healing sessions are on donation base throughout the month of June and July 2020. This is my gift to you, don’t hesitate to contact me for healing and guidance…

 Personal Healing sessions

” Find yourself, everything else can wait!” is what Agni said. Isn’t it the most important that we have, our inner magic treasure…

This is what I am here for, help you find. Come to your hearts guidance and to know your inner world and its potential. Lead yourself and then lead the world around you.

I can read your energy system and guide you through the passage that you find yourself in. You can find relief and revelation. You will understand and let go. In a cycle of personal healing/coaching  I read your energetic system and will guide you through a phase of transformation and realization. You will heal on an emotional and physical level. Your life will clear and you will be able to open up to your innermost core. It takes time, we will go through layers.

You can find help at any moment in life: maybe you are ill, lost something/ someone important, you are stressed and don’t find relief, you are searching for yourself and for your mission, you have too many things going on and don’t find time, you are sad and depressed, you worry too much, you feel burdened, you are scared, you want to start a family and don’t get pregnant, you want to change your job to something that has more meaning….wherever you are: my help can lift you up.

I will guide you to your healing resources and support your self healing process. We will transform fear into joy and look into blockages that hinder your abundant life flow. Contact me for more information.

I suggest that cycle of 10 sessions as a conclusion to my experience as a therapist.  I want to help you to gain stability within your energy and heal on a deep level. Say really yes to yourself. Decide to find your authentic way. You will be given meditations and easy practices especially for you and open email access with me during the process. We decide the time you need. It may take up to one year to go through. It is so worth it. You are worth it.

If you would like to know me before you decide, we can arrange a meeting per Skype. So we can get to know each other and find out what would be possible for you.

A Single session is 90 min is for a particular problem/issue and helps a great deal. It costs 150€

If you live in a country with a low economy or you have a moment of financial difficulty contact me so we start to look into that and work something out.


For your home

Do yourself a favor and arrange a Feng Shui for your home. I don’t know where to start to talk about the importance of a good energy inside our homes. This has such a vital and direct influence on the wellbeing of your life.

The way we sleep, and are able to unwind, the space for joy, the communication with the family members, the space to be able to concentrate, to recharge your batteries, the connectedness that you feel to nature, to the earth, to the elements from your home. And not the least, to free the ghosts of time….

Many times a Feng Shui work can solve reoccurring problems with water, or other structure problems, support the harmony with neighbors etc.
There are so many aspects that we are never aware of, and still they influence us on a daily basis.

I understand that this work happens in the invisible world and it needs a trusting heart to invite me into your space for this work. It is worth it. Free yourself by allowing your space to support you every day with a joyful natural flow that inspires harmony and wellbeing.

Some of what we do:
Clear heritage baggage and other old structures and heal possible historic weight from your house/ land / apartment.

We connect heaven and earth in your space, so a natural flow of energy comes into expression, new energetic spaces emerge to support your life. For instance, to relax better, have a better communication, heal and regenerate automatically when you get home, feel happy and many more discover treasures and potentials that lay there in the earth for you

This work can be done at distance too. I work with your fotos and ground plans. The prize ranges from 300€ ( basic standard) – 1000€ depending on the size, the complexity and other factors of your property.

If you want to work on your business/ shop spaces the rate is higher depending on the size.

Contact me for further information.
I am happy to check into your space and tell you what is possible.

City healing

Learn to become an earth healer yourself by learning to transform your environment, your city. We come to your place ideally when there is a whole group interested in this process and teach you the methods of Geomancy. You will learn about your own energetic quality and what your specific talents are within this healing process with the earth. We will teach you how to transform blockages in your environment and connect the natural flow again. A fascinating journey which brings a lot of awareness to connect with the earth essence and understanding life from the earths perspective.

As well as learning specific methods you will come in deep contact with your potentials and your own earth healing methods. I can see your soul qualities and you can start to practice them during our field work. After the seminar you can continue the work by yourself or with the group. You will be able to work on the Feng Shui of houses. You will know how to orientate within the inner landscape of the earth, like power places, natural beings, the tree network and much more.

Some of the content:

  • heart meditation & unity with the essence of the earth
  • introduction to the Lotusworlds of the earth
  • experience field work with the earth healing methods of Andreas Lohmann
  • understanding my position and effect in earth healing
  • The fire of Avalon- the mystic magic of nature within us
  • Trees & the tree network

The program depends on the project that we work on during the seminar.

Duration: 2 days,
Price: 350€ per Person, ( minimum 4 participants)