Fulfill the thirst of your soul

If I bring you in contact with the soul of your city, or a place that you would like to get to know on this level…it can bring a deeply interesting impulse into your journey through the city. It doesn’t matter if you live there or just stop by for a few days. This experience will inspire your life.

The soul of your city is deeply held in the earth. It is the mystery and the driving force behind all development, sentimental force and destiny that leads us to have a certain experience in connection with that certain city or landscape. 

Every place is a door into the uniqueness of earth creation, every place has a different expression and possibility of experience and is yet from the same source, the source of all. Where all is one.

The journey to the soul of London

There could be books written about the soul of this place. It is not about the history of the city and still the expression of the city is connected to its source and the impulses for certain periods raise from that source too. Whatever expression they take is up to us, how good we are connected to this and how skillful we are to put it into practice. The soul of London, however is a very powerful lotus that consists of countless dimension. This meditation guides you there, feel for yourself. If you want to find out how you can integrate and work with this more directly, contact me. I am here to connect these deep creative shake dimension back to humans hearts and roots. Lets find our roots again in the earth and create in heartfelt sustainable ways that serve all living beings.

Enjoy the meditation now:

The white Light of New Zealand

In this meditation you will dissolve within the beautiful light of New Zealand. It will enable you to touch your heaven and update your system with your original heaven essence. Enjoy! It is wonderful

The soul essence of Rome

Here you can listen to a Healing meditation into the soul essence of Rome. The energies that you come in touch with here are not the sights or the actual face of the city today. They are from the original fountain where the energies rise from within the earth. Our ancestors have used them to build the city. These original qualities are usually buried under the turmoil of todays cities noise. When we contact with this source we move that consciousness slowly back to the surface of todays challenges. We can cultivate those qualities within. This helps a world.  Geomantic work aims to heal our places and connect those deep qualities again between heaven and earth, so they start to flow powerful and inspire the rise of meaning, connectedness and earths abundant flow for everybody. It serves the empowerment of the loving community of humankind..

Healing meditation to the soul essence of Rome

The Lotus of Joy- the soul level of Amsterdam



Prague has a really ancient root. Cristal clear light which is packed with wisdom and knowledge. The essence of Prague is like a university. It connects the person who finds it with his/ her inner wisdom. It is not about studying something external, but rather the wisdom that rises from within us. It is connected with the inner root of wisdom inside the person. What is my innermost message? What is my core? That is the initial inspiration that the breath of the city inspires within us.

Because of this quality Prague has attracted many schools and scholars. Who acquired a lot of knowledge, a lot of mystical power was gained in religious groups etc.

Today the city wants to inspire the look deep into yourself, where the wisdom of the now is.

There is nothing we can compare our wisdom to, it stands for itself, it speaks for itself.

An immense power that lays within the source of Prague can help us to incorporate the courage to communicate our inner wisdom to the people around us and the world, to give it a form, to give an expression. Firstly that we dare to find it inside of us and secondly once we are rooted inside of it, to allow ourself to communicate it. To let it live without judgement.


The source of Berlin is a kingdom of light. It is very multilayered. From its source it created itself into an infinite amount of possibilities. There is so much richness of expression. It is a soil of diversity. You can choose from an endless amount of ways. Within that you realize that it is just THAT ONE PATH that is yours.It leads you to the source. The soft and graceful heart of Berlin penetrates all of Berlins diversity and it teaches how to find THE ONE in the many. How to find freedom in expression by not being attached to anything. Filling that space of diversity and than find THE ONE, that unites it all. The many shades of ourselves unite within the multiple expression of life. In every aspect of life the one and only beating heart prevails.

It is a powerful and encouraging contact. It is a ever pulsating beat that aims to find true freedom.


Paris essence is golden. It is born out of true abundance, bliss in all aspects of life. Prosperity in the arts, in peoples expression, their lifestyle and language. Abundance in the power of the elements. The true source of this city is constantly blessing all expressions that rise from deep within. We can heal our disposition to receive. We can learn to allow prosperity to be an intrinsic part of our life. We can become one with that source.

This source has been structured into strange ways through the history. The golden heart that beats deep down as an essence of this city creates like an undercurrent under all the challenges that the people are facing there today. Who can open up to it, can receive pure nurturing golden light within themselves.

This city was created out of this golden flow and meant to be without sorrow. Lets heal, lets allow ourselves to be prosperous.