Our body is composed of the five elements. This composition is like a temple where our light/ our soul takes place. When we are connected to our light, and feel our presence inside the body, we are on a very active healing path. We are in contact with the divine force which nurtures all processes. This is the path of self healing. Our body communicates through symptoms and yet behind this symptoms is always out soul wanting to get through, manifest deeper within. Symptoms can be a door, when we dare to enter.

I very much respect people who live with constant pain, and still I want to encourage to explore that pain. Give it a shape, make it a drawing and fill it with ┬ácolor. Investigate it. Love it, embrace it as much as you can and feel how the colors a brightening up, how its shapes become less aggressive and how in the end all changes…

The final healing I believe happens when we are in the here and now fully. When we investigate into the depth, no longer looking for methods, solutions, ways out of where we are now. When we go in… Really in!

I want to use this site to provide meditations for healing the inner landscape. They are dedicated to a certain organ at the time, so we can also investigate our bodily functions on a deeper level. I recommend you to do them on a regular basis for a while if you want to feel results. Sometimes it is also interesting just to tune into this kind of approach.

Our organs have different functions not just on a physical level, they also represent specific areas in the expression of our essence light.

The liver for example is the administration for the integration and challenge of our karmic structures. The spleen is our gate to heaven, the integration of the light energies into the body system etc.

For now I want to offer you these meditations to listen to and investigate into your own system. Allow the body intelligence to guide you and listen to messages that may reach you on this path. It always good to nurture our bodies with this kind of work, if we are having symptoms or not. This work never replaces the consultation with your doctor, in case you are having problem.

Meditation to flood you hormone glandular system with golden light

Meditation to bring healing to your kidney

Meditation on healing your physical heart